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Without a victim, a perpetrator cannot exist.

I am here to share my story of how I experienced being the victim of Coercive Control (aka Abuse), as Kerry Adler's wife. More importantly, I want to share how I have used those same experiences to transform my life into the best life I've ever known. Intimate Partner Violence happens across all races and socioeconomic groups. By creating awareness, while exposing the ways in which "The System" works, I hope to help you get educated, build resilience, and be empowered in making choices that benefit you (and your kids).

Narcissistic Abuse

Domestic Abuse comes in many forms, not just physical. It can be psychological, emotional, and even, financial. These are all traumatic experiences for anyone struggling through this type of relationship. A support system is crucial, but many just don't understand what it's like, especially when the perpetrator appears to be an upstanding citizen with good morals, like in my own situation.

In dealing with individuals like Kerry Adler, it is important to understand that their behavior has nothing to do with you, and that you have done nothing wrong. They simply derive their self-worth from the fact that they have been able to affect you. What better way to get a huge reaction from you by trying to cause you pain, surrounding the things that are dearest to you, such as your kids, your money, your resources, etc.? One example of how a Domestic Abuser continues his attacks, even after you've left them (aka Post Separation Abuse) is to try to use the Court system to their advantage. For example, Kerry Adler is / has been involved in numerous Court proceedings. He refuses to follow Court orders, including Child Support orders, as well as production of documents orders, such as Tax Returns, claiming he doesn't file any, according to his own testimony.

**UPDATE: Kerry has been ordered by the Court in July 2023 to pay all the Child Support he's owed for the last 3 years. Because the monies are being collected on my behalf, by the State of California, through the Department of Child Support Services, all payments have been on time.


It seems Kerry Adler will do anything in his power to punish his own 10 year-old son, including not speaking to him, which is "neglect" (also part of abuse). Maybe because he thinks it hurts me? Kerry even goes as far as appealing almost every decision made by the Courts. Kerry recently LOST an appeal that Law Times has written an article about, wherein the Lower Court's decision ordered him, Skypower, many of Kerry's other companies, and Deloitte Touche Tohamtsu to produce financials. He, SkyPower and his Tax firm, Deloitte Touche Tohamtsu is still non-compliant with the Court of Appeal's ruling 2022 ONCA 855. But it's not about me, and it never was, there are a string of Court cases involving the litigious Kerry Adler, and there are many others who are now beginning to report on his alleged wrongdoings.

Kerry Adler CEO and President of Skypower Global in Canada
This is the Kerry Adler I've experienced:

Although Kerry Adler claims to be a successful business owner, he refused to pay Court-ordered Child Support for his own son brought into this world (with me) via IVF.

Kerry Adler CEO and President of Skypower Global in Dubai
The Kerry Adler he wants you to know:

Kerry Adler is the Founder, President, and CEO of Skypower Global Group of Companies. He is also on the Board of Directors, along with other members from CIM Group, which is the majority owner of Skypower. Although Skypower is a Canadian company (and may also be a UAE company), CIM Group is Based out of Los Angeles, California. They invest billions of dollars of their client's money, one of which is CalPERS (The California Public Employees' Retirement System). CIM Group has been helping Kerry hide assets (from his first Ex-wife too) by also not producing relevant documents of Skypower's ownership interests / options agreements etc. However, this is not part of what Kerry wants you know so I will expand on this in another section. Anyway, Skypower builds solar parks all over the world and then sells the MW (electricity produced) to the Governments.


Kerry participates in climate change initiatives, and purports to the world that he is a kind, and successful individual. Kerry created Skypower Cares, a program that provides portable solar systems to communities with no electricity access. He has often talked about his passion for helping others, working towards the betterment of humanity. Kerry Adler is a great salesperson. 

The "Buy-in"

Have you ever come home with some type of product that you didn't want because the person selling it was a great salesperson, and somehow "convinced" you to buy it? Anyone can try to sell you anything at anytime but it's up to YOU to actually "buy" it, right? YOU have to take the action of shelling out the money to make the purchase. Basically, there's a participation of some kind on your part. This is fantastic news! It means you have a choice as to what you choose to participate in. 


The thing is, you probably didn't even realize what you were feeling at the time you were buying this product, and if you did, you didn't address it. You were most likely, unaware of your feelings. Maybe you were feeling guilty, or ashamed, unlikeable, or maybe you even felt powerful in making the purchase. Whatever you felt, it would have been good information for you to have, and to work with. Having awareness, is the first step to healthy (for you) decision-making.

. . . Same concept applies when getting involved with controlling characters. Of course, they don't advertise this information when you first meet them, but if you constantly stop to ask yourself (with a willingness to accept the answer, no matter how painful) "What am I feeling right now?", you likely won't rush in to "buy" whatever it is their selling. You will slow down enough to allow for your experiences to inform you, aka you will see the "signs". You will have the space to explore and find the true reasons as to why you want (or don't want) what it is that they're selling. Are you "buying" into an ideal of some sort? Are you running away from something, that's fear-driven? With these type of questions, you can find out a lot about yourself. And about your experiences of the other person!

To be clear, I am not saying that the other person's behavior is your fault or your responsibility. What I am saying is: the reality is you will never have the ability to control what someone else does (or doesn't) do. But you CAN control yourself. And you can control the way in which you participate, if at all, which brings me to another subject we'll explore . . . victimhood.

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